Terms & Conditions

Deliveries can be organised to site for a charge per pallet/crate. Smaller orders can be delivered to site; local courier cost will be
applied to your order.
Depending on quantity ordered, items will be delivered to our showroom where we can ensure that tiles arrive safely and are
received in good order. You can then pick them up from us. Orders less than 10m2 will incur this freight fee
ALL orders require payment in full before delivery/pick up.
1. Prices quoted are subject to change without notice.
2. Shade Variations are inherent to all glass, tile & stone products. All photographs, shade variations, nominal
sizes and any other particulars given in or accompanying a quotation, on display in store, provided as a
sample or contained in descriptive literature are approximate and indicative only and deviations there-from
shall not vitiate the contract or be made the basis of any claim made against MDC. We strongly
recommend the "dip-seal" method of pre-sealing with Dry-Treat 40SK for pool surrounds. All natural stones
requires sealing, we recommend Dry-Treat Stain-Proof
3. MDC Mosaics accepts no responsibility for errors in dimensions, quantities, shade variations, specifications
or otherwise where orders for any Goods are placed with MDC Mosaics by the Purchaser otherwise than in
writing. It is the Purchasers responsibility to ensure the entire product supplied is consistent with that
ordered prior to any installation taking place. This includes checking for any batch variations between the
boxes supplied. No claims will be accepted for variations in colour, shade, pattern or veining in natural
stone as these are all characteristics of the product.
4. Returns. It is a condition of the sale of the Goods that MDC Mosaics is not obligated to accept in any case
the return of Goods for credit. Where MDC Mosaics accepts returns of Goods for credit the following
conditions apply to all Goods returned for this purpose with the prior approval.
(a) Prior arrangements must be made for all Goods to be returned for any reason. Authorisation must be
obtained from MDC Mosaics for such return within 14 days of arrival notification
(b) Where Goods were originally supplied in a special manufacturer's carton, any return shall be made in
that original carton and the Goods shall be returned in their original and unmarked condition, complete with
any instruction sheets supplied, and in full carton lots only.
(c) Unless agreed in writing to the contrary, all costs associated with the return of Goods including
outward and inward freight are the responsibility of the Purchaser.
(d) A handling charge of 20% of the price will be deducted on all returns.
(e) Any goods altered or damaged by the Purchaser cannot be returned for credit under any conditions.
(f) Returns will only be accepted on stock standard products.
5. Order cancellation. MDC Mosaics may accept cancellation of orders for stock standard products (as
defined on the front page of confirmation orders and tax invoices) in part or whole up to 24 hours before the
time of dispatch. All cancellations must be notified in writing to MDC Mosaics. All cancellations will attract a
20% cancellation fee. No cancellation of an order will be accepted after the dispatch of the Goods from
MDC Mosaics premises. Orders for products which are not in stock standard may not be cancelled.
6. Warranties. Goods supplied by MDC Mosaics are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship, prior to Installation, in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty does not
cover the replacement of any defective goods without prior written consent from MDC Mosaics.
Notwithstanding anything herein contained the Company shall continue to be subject to any implied
warranty provided by the Trade Practices Act, 1974 (Commonwealth) and any similar state laws that may
7. MDC Mosaics makes no warranty as to the suitability of tiles for any particular use unless such warranty is
specifically stated in writing.
8. MDC Mosaics will endeavour to meet arrival and availability dates, but will not be responsible for any delay
due to causes beyond its control
9. MDC Mosaics has the right to cancel any order which it cannot fulfil for any reason out of it’s control
10. MDC Mosaics reserves the right to refuse cancellation of any order, if the goods are already en-route from
the manufacturer or have already been ordered from the supplier or are already held by MDC Mosaics.
11. Goods shall remain the property of MDC Mosaics until the purchaser pays the full invoice amount.
12. We always recommend that you never book a tiler or other workman until the goods have been delivered
and inspected.
13. Communication. MDC Mosaics will communicate with you about your order and the purchased product
using email or telephone. Customers must provide a valid email address and a contact phone number to
MDC Mosaics for this purpose.