Grouts & Silicones

A grout is any viscous, packable material that can be used to fill the space between two elements, tile, stone or glass for bonding them or to create a seal. Grouting of a tile is the last process after installation. 

There are essentially two different types of grout; Cementiscious & Epoxy
Cementitious grouts are particularly suitable for residential use such as bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, external façades, balconies and terraces.

Epoxys are more suitable for commercial environments such as grouting tiles in supermarkets, restaurants, airports, commercial pools and public buildings and for floors in industrial environments.

Mapei has the complete range of grouts types of internal and external use in a large variety of colours to suit your tiling needs.

Keracolor FF#100 White 20kg
Keracolor FF#120 Black 20kg
Keracolor FF#130 Jasmine 20kg
Keracolor FF#132 Beige 20kg
Keracolor SF#100 White 20kg
Kerapoxy #100 White 10kg
Kerapoxy #100 White 5kg
Kerapoxy #111 Silver Grey 10kg
Kerapoxy #111 Silver Grey 5kg
Kerapoxy #112 Medium Grey 10kg
Kerapoxy #112 Medium Grey 5kg
Kerapoxy #113 Cement Grey 10kg
Kerapoxy #113 Cement Grey 5kg
Kerapoxy #114 Anthracite 10kg
Kerapoxy #114 Anthracite 5kg
Kerapoxy #120 Black 10kg