A popular choice for adding a feature tile to bathrooms and kitchens

  • Available in - Ceramic - Porcelain - Glass - Stone
  • Huge range of colours and sizes to suit all design styles


Amazonia - Carbon 125x125
Amazonia - Carbon 65x200
Amazonia - Chalk 125x125
Amazonia - Chalk 65x200
Amazonia - Coral 125x125
Amazonia - Coral 65x200
Amazonia - Jade 125x125
Amazonia - Jade 65x200
Amazonia - Moss 125x125
Amazonia - Moss 65x200
Amazonia - Sand 125x125
Amazonia - Sand 65x200
Amazonia - Sapphire 125x125
Amazonia - Sapphire 65x200
Amazonia - Stone 65x200
Andes Almond Matte Subway
Andes Grey Matte Subway
Andes Warm White Matte Subway
Apollo Carrara Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Charcoal Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Ice Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Mint Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Navona Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Pepper Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Terra Tumbled 60x200mm
Artisan - Aqua Gloss 132x132mm
Artisan - Aqua Gloss 65x200mm