Onix Spanish Glass Mosaics

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ONIX®, founded in 1999, is a world leading glass mosaic company. Within a few years, the company has had sales presence in more than 100 countries, developing a wide variety of projects around the world and participating in the main international exhibitions.

ONIX® company, located in Onda (Spain), is the leading glass mosaic manufacturer in Europe. The continuous aesthetic search combined with a significant technological potential have positioned this prestigious Spanish company as the benchmark in the world of décor.

Onix Nieve Aguamarina
Onix Nieve Azul Celeste
Onix Nieve Azul Cielo
Onix Nieve Azul Claro
Onix Nieve Azul Medio
Onix Nieve Gris (Grey)
Onix Nieve Marino Claro
Onix Nieve Turquesa
Onix Nieve Verde Light
Onix Penta Bali Stone 50x50mm