Pavers & Natural Stone

Stone Pavers and Tiles

All Stone Types and All Sizes Available

  • All stone types; Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Granite and Basalt. These and more in large format tiles and pavers with matching copings

  • Feature wall specialists. Unlimited choices with diverse material variations Calibrated thickness and uniform sizes are available

  • Porcelain Tiles with Stone finish for an alternative selection. They convincingly mimic the genuine article and need to be seen to be appreciated

  • Visit our showroom for the full range available

Apollo Carrara Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Charcoal Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Ice Tumbled 100x100mm
Apollo Ice Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Mint Tumbled 100x100mm
Apollo Mint Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Navona Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Pepper Tumbled 60x200mm
Apollo Terra Tumbled 100x100mm
Apollo Terra Tumbled 60x200mm
Paver Crema Luminous CC0072